Saturday, July 9, 2016


A few photos recently of Vilie. She is doing really well. Will still need check ups but Doctor says she is growing and feeding, which is great.





Saturday, November 21, 2015

Jonah Lomu #11

I heard that Jonah Lomu had died... I came to grips pretty quick as he was sick most of his adult life. I watched a few rugby highlights and that was a little tough. Such a great man. He joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2012 and a few years later sealed to his wife.

I have two moments with seeing Jonah - One was Counties vs Southland, Now this just came to mind I remember putting my hand out when he ran through the tunnel and my hand hit his shoulder and it was like someone throwing a brick at my hand. After the game is was still the days where you could run on the field and celebrate it with the players. I honestly thought I was going to be crushed. It was like a stampede! Everyone fell over and I thought I was going to be crushed.

The second was at a 4&O Car weekend. He was big into is subs and had a car there. I was with a mate who wanted a photo of him and I went and asked and he said yes. I felt embarrassed afterwards.

I really wanted to write or do something to remember him, but this is really my only outlet. He had a video game that was high addictive called Jonah Lomu Rugby. Such an epic game

Generally once someone dies, then you realise how great the man was. The best quote I have read lately was 'There was Jonah Lomu, and next there was Rugby' This is my favourite picture.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Moments that define a word

I had my newborn baby in my arms, sitting on a comfortable chair. I wasn't focusing on anything in particular, but was feeling something. I looked around and saw my wife and was thinking of how proud and happy I was of her. As I sat and pondered for a moment I thought to myself 'I think this is what is means to feel peace' I felt as easy about the world, my life, and my daughter. I have not felt that real 'peace' for a long time, or maybe I just had it pointed out to me. Such happiness follows, Love you Violet.

Monday, February 16, 2015

The 'untold' photo

While listening to my Dads Cd (thanks milz) and sifting through 9,688 photos on iPhoto I thought...What is the point?

You'd be happy to know it is now down to 8,976 odd. But crickey!!! 56gb it's at, down from 64gb. I found 1 video 25mins long with nothing but Gracie fumbling around the room with the camera in her hand haha.  

We often take photos that have untold stories. We could take them because we want to capture that moment in time only for ourselves to review. I saw some great memories and cherished them as I scrolled to the never ending bottom of the iPhoto page. Anyways that back up is in progress, because if I lost them i'd be spewing. 

Here are some 'untold' photos... Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Night before CHRISTmas

Who knows what happens in the week between christmas and new years but I thought I'd do a little review. Normally that week is recovering from the chocolate overload but trying to eat it all before the new year resolutions start haha.

First Memory was Kicking it in Kaponga...who would of thought a DP after 4 year teaching. What an awesome experience it has been and a great move for the family

Second Almost Dying...Flip heck thinking about it scares me 

Viva la Salamanca - Going to Uni in Spain was way choice...I miss it almost everyday 

Jessie still alive after flipping the car... Protected from the Lord hard out.

Getting our first pets... Lucy and Kate

Going to see the warriors on school camp... Man this was a dream come true, what legends! They rolled out the red carpet it was so nice of them. 

Kiwis win four Nations... I had the faith and brought the tickets early. To share it will my mate Dave, Lou, A'ashan, and Jessie was electric. Even getting a selfie with Manu made my year. 

Iestyn came down to earth... Haven't met the guy but to have a mum like this he must be a legend. 

Delwyn and Haley's Wedding... This wedding made me wanna take up 'stand up comedy' haha seriously I was loving it aye... It was simply beautiful in the temple, a cherished moment. 

My Joshie... I just love this boy. He is speaking more and a lovely kid to be around 

Gracie... This girl will rule to world one day. But what a ball of fun.

And Jessie... Who would we there to mock me, love me, put up with my rubbish, comfort me and be the joy in my world?

I' not gonna lie, there has been some crap times. Life isn't always rosy. But learn from them and move on. Onward and Upward, I am just aiming to be a little better then the years past. I love my family...